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What is laser frenectomy?

Many children are born with a frenum (lip and tongue tie) condition. This condition can interfere with breastfeeding and speech development in a child. The laser frenectomy procedure is one of the best treatments for correcting the frenum condition. A soft tissue laser can be used to cut the tissue and allow greater mobility of the child’s lip and/or tongue. A laser prevents bleeding during the procedure and allows the tissue to heal quickly.

What is the importance of the laser frenectomy procedure?

A major benefit of laser frenectomy treatment is increasing the breastfeeding ability of an infant.   After the treatment procedure, the mother should be able to see a noticeable difference when breastfeeding their child.

Who is a candidate for laser frenectomy?

An infant may not be able to latch appropriately during breastfeeding and may experience speech problems as they develop.   As a mother, you might experience sore and painful nipples. Dr. Popper consults with your child’s pediatrician and lactation consultant to determine the best procedure for your child.

What is the process of the laser frenectomy procedure? 

If a frenectomy procedure is warranted, the frenum is cut using a soft tissue laser.  The entire procedure takes up to 15 minutes. 

If you think that your child needs a laser frenectomy treatment or would like to inquire more about the procedure, feel free to contact our pediatric office today and one of our helpful staff members will assist you.

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